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We are a family of five (yes we count our dog) who are loving every minute that the Lord has blessed us with!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with the Sheltons

We are still waiting for some of the pictures from our actual Christmas celebration with the Sheltons. We always celebrate on Christmas Eve with a great meal (steaks, cream cheese braids, red velvet cake, mmmm.... mmmm.. .good). We were big ol' fat slackers AGAIN and forgot the camera on Christmas eve. We will get pictures from the family soon. Luckily, we didn't forget our camera for Friday and Saturday. Here are pictures from our weekend with the Sheltons.

Christmas with the Bensons

Christmas night was spent at my grandmother's house. My cousin Allison and her family flew in from Miami. It was great to have everyone together. Here are pictures from this event...
Hazel... Miss Blue Eyes
Allison trying to find room on her lap for two
Allison, LM and Paul
LM and Grandma
Chillin with Grandma

Christmas with the McLeans

Christmas morning was spent at my parents house. Lucy McLean had a blast with all of her new toys. All of the McLeans came over for lunch. Here are pictures...
Lucy McLean's favorite present... DIAPERS!!!
What is in here Daddy?
LM with Kara
Aunt Sue with her scratch offs... shhhh don't tell anyone!
LM with Aunt Joyce and Kara... she loved her necklace!
Grandma came down early for some 1-on-1 LM time
Christmas morning...
Look at me go!
I found an ornament
Secret conversation between LM and Grandpa. I have a feeling it went something like this..
Grandpa- "You know, you can do whatever you want to here"
LM- "I know... I can get away with anything"
Grandpa- "That is right!"
I LOVED the blocks Look at how fun this is!
On Tuesday night, my dad and I took LM to visit/meet her Great Great Grandma Pete. She LOVED playing with her.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Adventures at Grammy and Grandpa's

Yes, there is a teeny tiny bit of hair on top of that noggin... so we are rockin' the bows these days. Doesn't she look like a little present? Slobber and all!
With Grammy and Grandpa
Very excited about all the presents!
Trying to get her to stay still!!!
We came to my parents on Saturday to spend some time before the hustle and bustle got in to full swing. We have had a great time relaxing and enjoying ourselves. The festivities get underway tomorrow. We can't wait for Daddy(Ryan) to arrive tonight! Above are pictures from our time here at the Spoiling Center...

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Do...

So, I have a wild hair (no pun intended) and have decided that I think I want my hair cut off again. Poor Jessie (the girl that I grew up with who is FABULOUS and I drive all the way back to my home town to get her to cut my hair) is always having to deal with these moods. I will grow it out for a bit and then cut it back off and start all over again. I was debating, but when I asked Ryan he said "I liked it when it was shorter!" So... now the only question is how short to go. So, what do you think?
How I was planning on growing it out...

Options for a cut...
not sure it this is actually cut or just back, but I like it

Minus the in your eyes part...

Little longer
Posh Style
So...your opinion?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Growing Up

Lucy McLean has recently started pulling up on EVERYTHING. ENJOY!!!


I can't begin to tell you how much I love the Harrison girls. Here are a few reasons.

1. I am proud to say that my daughter is loved on by them, while I am at work each day. I am blessed beyond measure. I have to say though... I am sorta scared of what I am getting myself into.
2. Skylar, Anslie and Kyndall all have HILARIOUS personalities. When they were over the other day, Kyndall decided to put on my lipstick and then pose for her "Uncle Ryan".
3. ANslie thinks it is hilarious to get in Snoop's cage WITH HIM. He doesn't think it is as funny.
4. Conversations with them
5. Skylar being 6 going on 16.
6. When Kyndall sees other people raising their hands during church and she follows suit.
7. When Anslie yells "BAY BAY" anytime LM is around her and chases after me for kisses when I leave their house in the morning.
8. The way Skylar says she could "Eat LM up ...she is so stinkin' cute"
The list could go on and on...

Funny Husband...

I totally forgot to post these pictures last weekend. Ryan had been promising me a tree for a week, but one thing after another had come up. He and Chuckie decided to go fishing (in the 50 below weather) last Saturday. He was allowed to go under one condition, that I have a Christmas tree up before he went to bed. So, when Melissa and I came home from the Christmas parade and Twilight Tour, this is what was in our living room. The boys thought they were funny. I have to say, we all got a good laugh out of it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Brevard Parade... and Baby Ella

We went out in to the frappin' freezing cold Saturday so that Lucy McLean could experience her first Christmas Parade. We also had to support our little cheerleader Skylar, who was in the parade. We were freezing, but she had a great time. She watched everything that went by. Here are pictures from our adventure.

Kyndall and Anslie

All bundled up

What is going on mama?
And I couldn't help but add a picture of this cutie patootie. Because it was so cold, Aunt Moo Moo didn't bring Ella out to the parade. We went over for a visit before our adventure. She is already getting so big! Look at all that hair!!!