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We are a family of five (yes we count our dog) who are loving every minute that the Lord has blessed us with!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let me tell you about this dayad I know

Lucy McLean calls Ryan "Dayad" in her sweet southern accent. I knew Ryan was an amazing man, heck I married him.I could never have imagined how much harder I would fall for him after having kids. Ryan has been an amazing dad since the moment Lucy McLean was born. He handled the stressful situation of her birth in true Ryan fashion, staying calm and laid back. He supported me through those very emotional days after her birth (I go a little crazy when I have to be in hospitals). He was up with me for most of the feedings during those sleepless nights with both kids. He keeps me calm when I am tense and being high maintenance. He makes our kids laugh and does crazy circus tricks with them. He prays over them and disciplines them even when we know he is laughing at what they are doing on the inside (a gift I don't have). He values simplicity and nature. He instills the love of the outdoors in our children. He is talented, loving, and just plain fabulous! We are very proud to have such a great "Dayad" or "Dadda" for LM and Tripp! WE LOVE YOU RYAN!!! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Daddy's Field Trip

Ryan took Lucy Mac to her end-of-the-year field trip at Sloan Park back in May. She had a blast, as you can tell from the pictures! Ryan is an awesome dad and pretty much a really tall kid, so Lucy Mac really enjoys playing with him. He is a wee bit more adventurous than I am. We are very blessed to have a daddy who is willing to (and actually had fun) being involved with our kids!!

She is a mess!

Need I say more?

Bath Time

Both of our kids are water bugs! They LOVE to take baths. Sometimes Lucy Mac is a little much for Tripp in the bath, but they enjoy it nontheless!

Just in case you were wondering, Tripp has two mamas! But he can still smile after being tortured!

Looks like he is about to get her back hugh?!

Splashing! If I had a nickle for every time I tell her to stop splashing!

Yeah, it sometimes ends like this!

Couldn't you eat him up?

I sure could! This weekend we are a family of 3. Lucy Mac went with my parents out of town. We are enjoying some time with our little monkey who can scale up on top of the dining room table in about 2 seconds flat! With a little down time, since he is sleeping...I am hoping to get a few posts in. Now that I have typed that though, I am sure he will be up in 3 minutes :).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

LM=Laugh a Minute

Lucy McLean has been super cute and sweet tonight. We were laying in bed snuggling while daddy worked on the boat and she started whispering. I asked who she was talking to. Apparently we have a new member in our family. Her imaginary friend/baby chick. A true southern girl! She said "You can be the grandma" "You can hold her" "You can rock her". Her imagination is running wild these days. Real fun to see!!