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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lucy McLean's Party

This little priss pot turned two on March 23rd and had an awesome Elmo party on the 27th. I have been trying to post pictures, but can't seem to get them to work. So, here are a few from the big event.
The cupcakes made by me and Melissa!
Tripp slept through the entire party
Lucy McLean's friend Peyton
And Miss Marlee Owenby
We had a fantastic time. It is always nice to celebrate with great family and friends. Birthdays took on a whole new meaning to me once I became a mom. It is such a blessing to look back over another year of your child's life and reflect on the joy that they have brought into your life and the amazing support that you have received from loved ones. Birthdays are a celebration of a continuation of the support our friends and family vowed to give us, as we dedicated Lucy McLean to the Lord. We have been blessed beyond measure with loving people in Lucy McLean's life and could not ask for better family members and adopted family members that the Lord has blessed us with here in Brevard and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has supported our family over the last two years and who prays for us without us even knowing. The Lord has been good to us and we know that we are blessed!
(more pics from the festivities to come soon)

Monday, March 29, 2010


The last week and a half has been a little hectic around here. Here is a quick update on what all has been going on...
3.20.10- Tripp turned 1 month old
3.21.10- We went to Lincolnton to celebrate the christening of Baby Tucker, our newest nephew
3.22.10-STOMACH BUG hit the Shelton house...we won't show pictures of this!

3.23.10- 3.25.10Lucy McLean, Tripp and I went to my parents house to rest and give Ryan some down time to get over the bug
Lucy McLean enjoyed playing on her "playground" at Grammy & Gampy's house. She got a new making mud pies outdoor sink. Grammy thought it would be a good idea to give her flour instead of dirt.
3.24.10- It didn't taste good!
Aunt Sue met Tripp
And Mimi met Tripp
and Tripp put up with his big sister! She is saying "HEEYY BABY TIP" in this picture. She says that the whole time she holds him.
3.26.10- Our sweet friends threw us a shower for Tripp.
Robin and Matthew
Gampy went with us to the shower and made sure Tripp was under control ;)

Aunt Lissa & Uncle Chuckie
The Sawyers...Emily, Jerry & Baby Tyler (Aaron was playing downstairs with the big kids)
3.27.10- Lucy McLean had the best elmo party ever. This is one of 2 pictures we got from the day. We are waiting on Beth to send us the good ones. Here is the family with the big 2 year old!

Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Year Old

Dear Lucy McLean,
I can hardly believe that you are two years old today. It seems like yesterday that you came in to our lives, yet I can't remember life without you. You have been such a blessing to our family. I don't know what I did for the Lord to bless me with the task of raising such an amazing little girl. You are full of personality and hilarious. You can be pretty strong willed, but your daddy and I are praying and working hard for you to use your strong will in powerful ways and hope that it could one day help you serve our Lord.
Here is a picture of you from when you were still in the hospital at birth. You are in your Gampy's arms in this picture. The bandage on your head was from them having to put an IV in your head. You wouldn't keep an IV in your arm. We should have known then that you would be your own little being and make sure to have things your way ;). I think of it as your excuse to decorate your head from the beginning. You know how I have our "no bow, no go" policy. That whole week is somewhat of a blurr to me now. I just remember how much love I felt for you and how my heart hurt to see them poke and prod at you throughout the week. What a relief it was to finally bring you home and love on you in our own space.
This is a picture of you now. Look how big you have gotten! You are a beautiful little girl. You love to "help" mama pick out your clothes and you love wearing your hair in "piggy tails". You are full of energy, but also sleep really well for naps and at bedtime. You love to play with friends and do roll call every day to see if mama knows where all of your friends are that day. You have learned so much in the last two years. You are putting sentences together, know most of your colors, and are still working on your numbers. You can sing lots of songs and you hear EVERYTHING anyone says around you (and sometimes repeat it). We have to be real careful ;). You have figured every type of childlock system that your daddy and I have tried to install in our house! Your favorite place to be is outside and you love to go on walks. When we are walking downtown you make sure to say hello to everyone that passes us by. You also do this when we are out to eat or shopping. You also love to take baths and play in water. You do a great job when your daddy and I leave you somewhere like your Aunt Lissa's house, the nursery at church, with babysitters, etc. It is such a blessing to see you tell us goodbye and know that you will enjoy yourself with whomever you are with.
Here are pictures from some of my favorite moments in the past two years...
Finally getting to bring you home!

Taking you to your first Auburn game..WAR EAGLE!!

Going on walks
Seeing you laugh with your Grammy

Laughing as you pretend to talk on the phone Your first Christmas...and how you adore your Gampy!

Your first birthday party

You doing all of your scary tricks with your daddy. You are smitten with your daddy!

Dancing away at Elizabeth's wedding

All dressed up for Halloween
Doing anything to make people laugh

And seeing you be the best big sister in the world!

Lucy McLean...I love you more than words could explain. You are an amazing little girl. Happy 2nd birthday!!!



Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Birthday Weekend

We celebrated three very special birthdays this weekend. Friday was Aunt Lissa's birthday (the top 31 reasons why we love Aunt Lissa will be coming soon...the number 31 is for no apparent reason, seeing how Aunt Lissa still claims to be 25 ;) We went out to El Ranchero for the big event!
Kyndall and Lucy McLean hugging on each other as usual
(you can't tell in the pic...but LM sported her first pony tail for the big event)
The Harrisons
Saturday, we celebrated Ella Burdette's 2nd birthday party with a fabulous brunch at her house. Mandi did an amazing job transforming their garage into a toddler girls dream romper room. (disclaimer...I stole some of these pictures from Mandi)
The guests at their special table
Lucy McLean...the bubble banditCAUGHT!
Josh and Ella holding Tripp...I think Ella was trying to talk her daddy into a baby brother or sister ;)
Overwhelmed by all of that sugar...or maybe it was our singing!
Ian and Lila...young love
Tripp got a lot of loving!
The precious toddler table
The amazing cake
And the last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST birthday we celebrated was Mr. Tripp's 1 month. Can you believe it? I was on the phone with my mom when it hit me. This month has absolutely flown by. We are absolutely in love with this little stinker and can't imagine life without him. I will save the better pictures for a post totally dedicated to him, but here is one sneak peak at the handsome little man! He lives a hard life doesn't he?

Skate Park

Our local skate park opens up for free for "Toddler Time". Friday was our first time going and we had a blast. Lucy McLean was awesome with the ramps. I was surprised at how well she walked up the ramps and then slid down them. Great way to get some energy out. Zachary and Ethny joined us. The Jacques came later and I didn't get pics of them :(.