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Friday, April 1, 2011

Our newest family member

My mom and Tripp came home from town the other day with A BUNNY! Lucy Mac quickly named her Shelby, because she names EVERYTHING Shelby. She is so excited about her new friend. She loves her...a little too much. I think that Shelby is completely terrified of LM...wouldn't you be?

With a little pixie dust...

We made one little 3 year old's birthday perfect! Last Saturday, we had a little tinkerbell extravaganza at Grammy & Grampy's house for LM's 3rd Bday!

Melissa and her girls came Friday night and made this weading, I mean birthday, cake for Lucy McLean. Now is that talent or what?

And THE Courtney, I mean, Tinker Bell showed up!
All the kiddos with TinkerbellLucy McLean blowing out her candle
Tripp enjoying cake with Grampy! I think he could get used to this!
And LM enjoyed her presents!

And Cousin Noah enjoyed the swing!
And we pretended to enjoy trying to get a family picture!

I seriously don't know how people get decent family pictures! It isn't like we are a family of 10 and we can never get a good pic!
And we really enjoyed Mu Mu (Megan) & Mandi coming with the Ellas!
Overall, I think LM enjoyed her big day! I still can't believe she is 3 years old :(. It hurts my heart to realize that 3 years have flown by this quick!