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We are a family of five (yes we count our dog) who are loving every minute that the Lord has blessed us with!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm seeing spots!

Day three after lab tests were run and all we know so far is that I don't have a bacterial infection. I guess that is a good thing. I was awake 2 hours yesterday and have so far been able to stay awake 4 hours today. MAKING PROGRESS! I was also able to go to the post office, where I was met with lots of strange looks. It was rather amusing.

I got a very sweet call from one of my students today. She warmed my heart. She wanted to let me know how things were going at school and that she missed me. It feels good to be missed. I have to admit, I miss my kiddos.

So... still keep praying that I wake up tomorrow and everything is fine. Wouldn't that be a blessing? We are supposed to go to a wedding at Pawley's Island this weekend. Cross your fingers I am up for it. I was really looking forward to it!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Still at home...

The rash is EVERYWHERE and after 4 doctors on Friday and an emergency room visit Saturday, they still don't know what is wrong. I am going this morning to my doctor (who was not there Friday) and get blook work and cultures done. This should have been done Friday and I would know by today. But, the reality is the Lord wanted me home for some reason. Please say a little prayer that we have answers soon and I can get back to my kiddos. I actually miss being at work.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Chicken Pox Back? Or am I a.... Medical Freak?!

Yep! That's me! Ryan and I had a lovely evening at friend's house last night. On our way home, I started to feel bad. As I got in bed, my entire body ached. I was also freezing cold. At 2 am the pain was horrible, so I went to get ibuprofen. That helped the pain, but not the uncontrollable sweating (I guess I had a fever). Ryan (being the wonderful husband that he is) got up this morning and ran me a bath, hoping that it would soothe the aching. I went to get in the bath and what appears to be more chicken pox are ALL OVER my body. So, I went to the doctor where I felt like a freak of nature. They had 4 doctors consult about it and.. yep... they have not a clue what it is! They put me on antibiotic, hoping that it is possibly a virus. It appears as if I was quarented from school because of the chiken pox, yet that might not have been what I had 3 weeks ago. So... Snoop and I are hanging out at home and waiting for his Aunt Megan to get out of school so we can go on a walk. Anyone who has ever heard of this bizarre skin stuff and knows what it is, please feel free to let us know!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Luckily, today turned out to be a beautiful day! We started off our day with some lovely four year olds that crack us up. Sometimes I wonder if Ryan and I learn more from them or they learn more from us. I could take every child in the room home.

During second service we got to see some of our friends dedicate their children to the Lord. It was precious and a blessing to be a part of. Little Wesly and Anslie (pictures to come soon) are adorable!

Last night we were able to visit some great friends that we miss sooo much! They are friends from Ryan's old church in Jackson County. We were able to hang out and love on two adorable babies that we haven't seen in FOREVER. They have gotten so big and lively!

Oh what a great weekend! Lots of fun spent with lots of friends! :)