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Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Hard Day :An Amazing Man... " I tell you... that's a fact!"-Papaw

Yesterday was a rough day. Our little town of Brevard lost a brilliant little girl to cancer. She was going in to 6th grade and had been battling brain cancer for almost a year now. Please pray for her family- the McCallums.

Our family was also thrown a curve ball yesterday afternoon. My grandfather had gone over to his brother Charlie's house to build a ramp (in the 104 degree heat). He came home and spoke to my grandmother and told her his jaw was hurting. She reminded him that this was a sign of a heart attack. He had no health problems previously. His response was, of course, "My heart is fine". He went on to take a shower and go downstairs to take a nap. As my grandmother came down the steps (not 5 minutes after him), she noticed a strange noise. By the time she was at the bottom of the steps, my grandfather was gone. My 16 year old cousin tried to revive him.

We were blessed that it was fast and he did not suffer.

My grandfather was an amazing man. Ryan and I spoke often about how we both grew up with only one set of grandparents, but that the Lord made up for it by giving us the best of the best. My grandfather was an outstanding man who loved everyone around him.

I remember, as a child, him taking the blade off of his lawn mower and allowing us to ride it out of gas around the yard. Allison and I pretended to be bus riders and picked up our younger cousins in the trailer.

I also have great memories from when my Grandfather owned a service station with his brother. I loved going over there and getting a pecan pie and a glass bottle of cheerwine.

My childhood is filled with memories of this brilliant man. He loved us with everything he had and showed it daily. Although predictable, I will miss our daily morning conversations.

Papaw: " Hello. How ya doin baby?"
Me: "I'm good"
Papaw:" I know your good." Or on occasion, when he was feeling sarcastic "Do I get to vote on that?
Me: " I'm fine Papaw. How are you?"
Papaw: "I'm great. Getting ready to go walk these dogs with James. I guess you called to talk to Grandma"
Me: "And you too."
Papaw: " I know. Well, you have a good day and (if in school) teach those kids lots! Let me go get Grandma."
Me: "Okay, I love you Papaw"
Papaw: " I love you too honey! Tell Ryan I love him too. "

I am sure you didn't need to read all of that. I think I mostly needed to write it for myself. This school year will feel funny without my morning good luck charm on the other end. I will miss him and his patience, his funny little sayings, his bear hugs, him walking me out to my car when I would go to visit them. There are lots of things I will miss. I am sure I could write all night. I will mostly miss his unconditional love and support.

I know that he is in a better place. I know that he is with our Lord and does not have to worry any more with earthly matters. What a blessing to know how much he loved the Lord and that he was ready to go home.

Please pray for our family. My grandmother especially. They were married for 52 years andebasically went hardly anywhere without each other. This is going to be extremely difficult for her.

Please pray for my cousin Caleb. He is having a very difficult time. I can imagine that he is experiencing some trauma from the situation.

Also pray for understanding for my 5 year old cousin. He was somewhat obsessed with his Papaw. He had him wrapped around his finger. They just got in to town about an hour ago and are having the discussion with him as I type this. ( I came on to my parents to give them a little space) Pray that my cousin Allison (Jakob's mom) has the right words to say and answer all of his questions.

Thanks for all of your love and support. I have appreciated all of the phone calls and emails. I feel very blessed to have such amazing friends.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sad News

Jamie and her Grandaddy talking before she said her vows. Her mother Paula looks on!

My friend Jamie's Grandaddy died yesterday. His death was very unexpected. He was her last living grandparent. The last time she saw him was when he was able to make a surprise visit to her and Josh's wedding in June. What a blessing to have as a last memory.

Please keep Jamie and her family in your prayers. I know this has to be a very difficult time. Her grandaddy was a remarkable man and a pillar in their family.

Family Visit

Anna, Noah & Jason
Anna (Mommy), Noah (Baby), Jason (Daddy), Erin (Aunt), & Ryan (Uncle)

Today was a lot of fun. Ryan's family came up for the day and we had a picnic in the forrest, went to the Fish Hatchery and went shopping for Noah's upcoming arrival. It was so good to see everyone. I haven't gotten to see Anna's growing bump since April!

Monday, August 13, 2007

One Year Ago....


YAY! We made it a whole year without Ryan killing me. Yesterday was our big year mark. It is amazing how fast a year goes by. Marriage is not near as scary as everyone makes it out to be. It has been a blast. I love knowing that I have my best friend to talk to daily and experience life with. I guess I lucked out with Ryan having grown up with lots of estrogen. He has been very patient with me this year. I feel blessed to have him. Although we have been through a lot, I can't imagine it being a better year. Ryan, thank you for being so amazing! I love every minute of being your wife!

Ryan took off Friday through Monday for us to spend time together. We drove to Tennessee to camp Friday night, but decided that 99 degree weather + no thinga magig that hooks the propane to the stove (we forgot it at home) meant heading back home.

So, Friday night we went to Hot Springs. I know, if you aren't from here or haven't been there you are thinking... hmmm... tooo hot so you go to Hot Springs? It was actually very relaxing and we loved it. Anyone who hasn't had a chance to enjoy this little piece of heaven should go! http://www.nchotsprings.com/

Saturday was a lovely day just hanging out. We went to a good ol' Rosman YFL game and saw our friend Savanna cheer. She is the mascot and her mom and I work together. (see picture of Alissa and Kelly- Savanna's parents below) Then we spent the afternoon relaxing and took a nice long walk after dinner. We got home at 9 to find our AC was GONE! Kinda a little joke on us. Leave your vacation because it is too hot= AC goes out!

So, we were strong through Saturday night and headed to church Sunday. We spent the day in Asheville (away from the heat). Lucky for Snoop, his amazing Aunt Megan let him hang out at her house. We then went over to Megan and Stephen's to cook dinner and hang out. When it was cool enough, we headed on home.
Then.. we woke up this morning. Well, I woke up, and my wonderful husband was already up and had the AC man on the way! HOW AWESOME! He was able to fix it in 20 minutes flat and the Shelton house is now nice and peaceful again! We spent the rest of our day hiking at Triple Falls. It was beautiful and Snoop really enjoyed it. Everyone who passed us had to pet him, so he was loving that. Here are some pictures from the great day!

Triple Falls

Snoop was exhausted after the trip!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Random Pictures from the 4th of July! (little late hugh?)

Ryan is real excited!
Jazzy & Jen
Sweet Lyric and her g'daddy
Amber, Maggie, Ray & Me

The Aikens (Wesley is REAL happy)
Jacoby and his cool self!
Jazzy in a nut shell!
Scott & Marissa playing ball

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Great War Eagle/Reunion Moment

As I was driving to Ashvegas today, I saw a sweet little sticker on the back of a white Subura. It read "Auburn Alumni"! That is always a little piece of heaven to see. So I sped up and got next to the car, honked my horn and yelled WAR EAGLE! It was then when I noticed that the lady driving the car beside me was my friend Natalie from Young Life in College. It was so good to see a glimpse of her and to almost wreck with excitement on the interstate! So, Natalie... WAR EAGLE... (and we need to get together!!)!!!